TI-83+ Link Protocol Guide - Remote Control

Remote control/command

The TI-83+'s remote control ability is "silent," which means that the calculator does not need to be put in a special mode. The remote control ability can be utilized any time the calculator is ready to accept a keypress. Key codes : here.

Remote command:

The protocol used for sending a remote command is shown below.
Step Direction Packet

The scancode of the key is sent in the last two bytes of the command. Scancodes are defined in the section ?? TI-83+ guidebook or can be found in the TI83+ FLASH SDK (ti83plus.inc).

PC: 23 87 A6 00 Command: Key <M>
TI: 73 56 00 00 Acknowledgement of key
TI: 73 56 00 00 Acknowledgement of processing the key

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