Link Protocol Guide v1.4

by Tim Singer and Romain Liévin

Table of Contents

Documentation maintained by Romain Liévin (roms@lpg.ticalc.org) and previously by Tim Singer (tsinger@gladstone.uoregon.edu)

Latest changes:
- 06/04/01: added Direct Usb protocol
- 05/07/02: added a log section, full review of link protocol and added new informations (TiConnect v1.6)
- 05/01/29: added 'OS & BIOS version', Titanium and TI84+ FLASH support, fixed few errors.
- 05/01/23: added TI84+ & TI89 Titanium informations, USB informations as well as low-level link port access (TI side)
- update of TI73/83+ and 82/83 on March the 21st, 2004

Subversion repository: <http://svn.technologeek.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/linkguide/?root=tilp>
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